Layers of Meaning

The U. of Texas thought it was just updating its policies on faculty responsibilities. But in the age of David Horowitz, things aren't so simple.

When Students Learn

Chico State wants more students in classes on Fridays; Penn State cuts back on 8 a.m. courses.

Moving Ahead at Grinnell

After 3 years looking inward, a top liberal arts college emerges with new plans for sophomores, interdisciplinarity, faculty hiring and the budget.

Enrollment Coup

Case Western officials say this fall's freshman class is 61 percent larger than last fall's -- an unexpected but welcome boost to a growth plan.

'The Phantom Professor'

No one at Southern Methodist University knew -- for sure -- who The Phantom Professor was. The professor's blog, like those of many untenured academics, was anonymous and the university was never named.

'Student Success in College: Creating Conditions That Matter'

Why are students more likely to thrive at -- and graduate from -- some colleges than others? That's the central question in Student Success in College: Creating Conditions That Matter, just published by Jossey-Bass.

Majoring in Hate

Some scholars want to create new academic programs to focus on study of extremist groups.

Telling Postdocs About Tenure

Two groups that support basic research sponsor weeklong course to help young scientists navigate through their universities.

Keeping Students Enrolled

Study suggests new approach may help community colleges with retention and graduation rates.

Playing Offense, Not Defense

Teacher education programs, blasted in recent years, seek to show that they're changing and welcome accountability.


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