Proving the Benefits of Peer Instruction

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Students appear to learn when they share ideas in class -- but are they just taking cues from smart peers? A study suggests otherwise.

A Vision for History at Community Colleges

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Professors in Seattle find success in teaching information literacy and basic research skills -- as a means to engage students in a discipline many of them are disinclined to like.

Blackboard, 9.0

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Updated course management software offers increased flexibility and opportunities for social learning, company says.

Blinding Them With Science

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New study finds American students know fewer facts about science than do their Chinese counterparts, but neither group is particularly strong at scientific reasoning.

It's Culture, Not Morality

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What if everything you learned about fighting plagiarism was doomed to failure? Computer software, threats on the syllabus, pledges of zero tolerance, honor codes -- what if all the popular strategies don't much matter? And what if all of that anger you feel -- as you catch students clearly submitting work they didn't write -- is clouding your judgment and making it more difficult to promote academic integrity?

Writing the Book on Clickers

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Author of Teaching With Classroom Response Systems discusses the way a popular technology is changing instruction.

Consumption and Happiness

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Amherst professor teaches students to think about the link between the two and argues learning about it is as important as basic financial literacy.

Style: MLA, Updated.

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With implications for how undergraduates write, and cite, Modern Language Association releases revised handbook for preparing research papers.

Grade Inflation Seen Rising

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New national study finds students receiving better and better report cards. Community colleges alone appear to be holding the line.

False Positives on Plagiarism

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Texas Tech writing experts compare services designed to catch cheaters -- and find problems with the results. Attendees at composition meeting also discuss Turnitin's payments to some presenting papers about Turnitin.


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