George Carlin Need Not Apply

Smart Title: 
Popular professor at Harrisburg Area Community College suspended after report he used the f-word in class.

Peer to Peer

Smart Title: 
Group discussion, long part of humanities courses, is on the rise in science classrooms -- even in large classes.

Staying the Science Course

Smart Title: 
Academics tell lawmakers that quality of undergraduate teaching is crucial to the pipeline.

Chilly Climate at Lake State

Smart Title: 
Many at Michigan's smallest public university see recent tenure denials -- over departmental objections -- as sign of disrespect for liberal arts. 

Grading Edge for Conservative Students

Smart Title: 
Study suggests that claims of pro-liberal tilt may have it backwards.

Unusual Lesson Plan at Carleton

Smart Title: 
For first time, the college cancels all classes, replacing them for a day with special academic programs related to Katrina.

Trading Research for Teaching

Smart Title: 
Carl Wieman changed physics, and now his sights are set on science pedagogy.

Be Polite, E-Polite

Smart Title: 
Some professors respond to publicity about students' online demands by setting out some rules.

Spicing Up U.S. History

Smart Title: 
Professors consider ways to improve the content and teaching of survey courses.

More Than a C- and a Heartbeat

Smart Title: 
Some community colleges believe that focus on retention sets bar too low -- and some long-accepted practices need rethinking.


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