Unusual Lesson Plan at Carleton

For first time, the college cancels all classes, replacing them for a day with special academic programs related to Katrina.

Trading Research for Teaching

Carl Wieman changed physics, and now his sights are set on science pedagogy.

Be Polite, E-Polite

Some professors respond to publicity about students' online demands by setting out some rules.

Spicing Up U.S. History

Professors consider ways to improve the content and teaching of survey courses.

More Than a C- and a Heartbeat

Some community colleges believe that focus on retention sets bar too low -- and some long-accepted practices need rethinking.

Duke's Ever-Evolving iPod Initiative

Given some of its recent publicity, this might not have been the best time for Duke University to announce that it was altering a highly popular student benefit. But Duke's plan to stop giving students free iPods through its path-setting Duke Digital Initiative and to instead lend them or sell them the devices for a highly subsidized $99 has even struck most students as a logical next step in the maturation of the educational technology program.

'Hotness' and Quality

If you’re not sexy, you might want to be easy.

At least if you’re a professor concerned about your rating on RateMyProfessors.com. James Felton, a professor of finance and law at Central Michigan University, and colleagues looked at ratings for nearly 7,000 faculty members from 370 institutions in the United States and Canada, and his verdict is: the hotter and easier professors are, the more likely they’ll get rated as a good teacher.

The Technology Mosaic

Harvard announces plan to create engineering school as Stanford and others join push toward interdisciplinary work.

The Hot Choice, Post-College

Teach For America sees record number of applicants, and is becoming more competitive than many top law schools.

The Future of a Dinosaur

Wireless technology and search engines are just two technologies that might be meteors from which the standard science textbook never recovers.


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