Changing the Incentives

At most colleges, faculty with extra duties get reduced teaching loads. Duke professors asked for -- and are getting -- new options.

Poorly Prepared Graduates

A month after a literacy study embarrassed many colleges, new research points to problems with computation.

Flexibility Required

Ohio State and UT-Austin -- 2 of the largest universities in U.S. -- may revamp requirements with theme-based sequences.

Faith on the Quad

Scholars issue draft "declaration" calling for expanded role of religion in curriculum and student life -- at religious and secular colleges.

A Different Take on Classroom 'Fairness'

When David Horowitz talks about fair treatment of students in the classroom, perceived political bias is front and center. But put a bunch of professors together to discuss that subject, and grading tops the list.

At a session entitled “Perceptions of Fairness in the College Classroom,” at the annual meeting of the Association of American Colleges and Universities in Washington Thursday, faculty members pondered the student who works his or her tail off, but never quite edges out some talented peers who rarely study but ace the test nonetheless.

Promoting Liberal Education

Presidents, provosts, deans and professors consider principles and data they need to promote their curricular ideals.

Exito Calculado

UT-Austin graduates more Hispanic students in mathematics than any other college -- and not just because they're in Texas.

Copy Cat Copy Case

Publishers allege copyright violations against Florida copy shop owner for second time since 2002.

Facebook Face Off

Professors rally around students who used online service to post comments about a T.A. and her class.

Avoid Whatever Offends You

Arizona Senate panel -- following complaint over "The Ice Storm" -- votes to give students right to demand alternative books.


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