Failings of Science Education

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Papers at AAAS identify failings of computer science, undergrad instruction and belief systems in the United States.

Riled Up Over Changed Grades

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Kean U. admits that some students were inappropriately allowed to avoid a professor's F's, but institution won't restore the grades.

Envisioning a New Ed.D.

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Nationwide effort to "reclaim" the education doctorate and distinguish it from the Ph.D. gets under way.

Elephant Not in the Room

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Be more interactive. Give pop quizzes. Make class mandatory. Don't bother. Professors respond to sluggish class attendance.

Revising the Teaching of Writing

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U. of Denver aims to redefine not only how freshmen are taught, but the relationship between those who teach it and other faculty.

Anxiety, Values and Undergrad Education

Smart Title: 
Presidents and professors gather to consider and share deep worries about who goes to college and what happens to them there.

When Creative Writing Provides a Clue

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Va. Tech killer's assignments set off alarm bells -- and illustrate the quandary faced by many a professor.

Inquiry or Indoctrination?

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Debate over first-year curriculum challenging "hegemony" at UC San Diego heats up as 2 graduate students lose their jobs.

A Very Scary Story

Smart Title: 
After Virginia Tech shootings, San Jose State instructor stopped teaching course in response to student who wrote of killing professor.

Rejuvenating the Classroom

Smart Title: 
Kentucky community colleges find benefits from teaching their instructors about learning.


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