The New Diagnostics

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Some colleges are using learning technology to predict which students will succeed in various courses, who might need help, and who might need to reconsider enrolling.

Tweeting in Class

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Should Twitter be viewed as a teaching tool or a distraction?

Fans and Fears of 'Lecture Capture'

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DENVER — If professors record their lectures and put them online, will students still come to class?

That question came up in two different sessions at the 2009 Educause Conference here on Friday. And in both cases, the panelists cited research indicating that students’ likelihood of skipping class has no correlation with whether a professor decides to capture her lecture and post it the Web.

More Engaged

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Annual survey of student engagement finds notable gains across sectors, and offers new analysis on gaps between science and non-science students, the transfer experience, and impact of learning management systems.

Choose Your Own Freshman Comp

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City College of New York ditches general writing courses for weightier discipline-specific writing courses team taught by upper-level professors and writing instructors.

PowerPoint Studies

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As communications scholars gather, they consider how to teach its use in public speaking courses, and how to use digital slides in their own lectures.

'The College Fear Factor'

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Despite best intentions, today’s first-generation college students and their professors “misunderstand and ultimately fail one another” in the classroom, according to a new scholarly work on community college pedagogy.

Learning From Online

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Can learning how to teach online make professors better teachers in the classroom?

Clean Slate

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Blackboard abruptly ends its patent fight with Desire2Learn.

Are American Students Lazy?

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Adjunct's column, comparing them unfavorably to her foreign students, sets off debate over work ethic.


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