Who Decides?

U. of Houston lawsuit asks whether professors should have unlimited leeway to reject requests of students with disabilities.

Blackboard: Bully or Misunderstood?

Open source advocates see patent suit as signal that dominant player in course management is after them. Is it?

Thematic Developments

Colleges spend more time cooking up creative theme semesters. Are the efforts worth it?

You May Have Been YouTubed

Students start to post videos of professors -- shot secretly -- on popular site. Watch out for your dignity and intellectual property rights.

Learning to Teach

CUNY program trains grad students to teach at 2-year colleges -- where the job market favors those who understand the mission.

New Critique of Teacher Ed

Report from former Teachers College president calls for sweeping changes in how and where future teachers are educated.

The Next Level of Open Source

Going a step beyond free course materials, Yale will put videos of selected courses online -- available free to anyone.

Direction and Choice

In Harvard's new take on general education, all undergrads would study the U.S. and religion, and "activity based learning" would be urged. 

Methods for Teaching Math

A new report offers practical recommendations on ways to improve math instruction at 2-year colleges.

Does 'Value Added' Add Value?

Listen to some critics of higher education, and you'll hear constant calls for more accountability and assessment.


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