Harvard Moves Ahead on Curricular Reform

Panel's final general education plan keeps requirements on the U.S. and science, adds humanities, and eases away from religion.

$500 Fines for Political Profs

Faculty members who speak on controversial topics would pay -- literally -- under bill approved by Arizona Senate panel.

Failings of Science Education

Papers at AAAS identify failings of computer science, undergrad instruction and belief systems in the United States.

Riled Up Over Changed Grades

Kean U. admits that some students were inappropriately allowed to avoid a professor's F's, but institution won't restore the grades.

Envisioning a New Ed.D.

Nationwide effort to "reclaim" the education doctorate and distinguish it from the Ph.D. gets under way.

Elephant Not in the Room

Be more interactive. Give pop quizzes. Make class mandatory. Don't bother. Professors respond to sluggish class attendance.

Revising the Teaching of Writing

U. of Denver aims to redefine not only how freshmen are taught, but the relationship between those who teach it and other faculty.

Anxiety, Values and Undergrad Education

Presidents and professors gather to consider and share deep worries about who goes to college and what happens to them there.

When Creative Writing Provides a Clue

Va. Tech killer's assignments set off alarm bells -- and illustrate the quandary faced by many a professor.

Inquiry or Indoctrination?

Debate over first-year curriculum challenging "hegemony" at UC San Diego heats up as 2 graduate students lose their jobs.


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