Rejuvenating the Classroom

Kentucky community colleges find benefits from teaching their instructors about learning.

Programming with Pictures

User-friendly, 3-D animation software catches on in intro computer science courses as concerns about plummeting enrollments continue.

Cheating Across Cultures

Case at Duke's business school highlights concerns over different definitions of academic integrity for students from different countries.

Economics Education 101

Robert Frank discusses how "economic naturalism" helps teach basic concepts in introductory courses. With a podcast.

Greening the Lab

Chemistry instruction changes as professors consider inputs and outputs of every reaction and teach an environmental ethos.

Faculty Gender and Student Performance

Whether a professor is male or female has little to no effect on how a student performs in the class, study finds.

When Credentials Count

Northeastern doesn't renew contracts for a dozen faculty members without terminal degrees as it expands tenure-track hiring.

Handling the 'Bad Apples'

Department heads, accustomed to running their own meetings, mostly listened along with provosts, deans and other faculty members during a training workshop in Seattle this week geared toward advising academic leaders in the science, engineering and math fields on how to manage their divisions while keeping diversity in mind.

Small Group Learning for 14,000 Undergrads

Clemson program tries to involve students in the research process and link them with the same professor for several semesters.

Why Students Read Textbooks (or Don't)

The adage that a picture is worth a thousand words may hold true for textbooks.

Research presented Saturday in San Francisco at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association explored how students evaluate textbooks and the factors that make them more or less likely to read textbooks. The research was designed to build on studies that have previously found many students who skip buying textbooks and many others who buy and don't read -- despite evidence showing that careful readers of textbooks earn higher grades.


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