The Need for Another Sputnik

The U.S. public doesn't yet share academic leaders' belief in the importance of math and science education, poll suggests.

Students' Complaints, Professors' Rights

A seemingly innocuous policy change at the City University of New York has faculty leaders worried that their institution -- which has not been front and center in the battles over David Horowitz's "Academic Bill of Rights" -- may end up giving the conservative activist a victory, at their expense.

Toward Integrative Learning

Educators consider how to better connect the courses and concepts they teach undergraduates.

Bias Seen in Bias Studies

New analysis questions legitimacy of slew of reports finding that professors' liberal inclinations create classroom unfairness.

New Questions on Student Evaluations

Analysis of reviews involving 50,000 enrollments finds correlations in all the wrong places.

Studies Point to Value of AP

Amid some doubts about the program, 2 analyses in Texas find significant college gains linked to the advanced courses in high school.

Harvard Moves Ahead on Curricular Reform

Panel's final general education plan keeps requirements on the U.S. and science, adds humanities, and eases away from religion.

$500 Fines for Political Profs

Faculty members who speak on controversial topics would pay -- literally -- under bill approved by Arizona Senate panel.

Failings of Science Education

Papers at AAAS identify failings of computer science, undergrad instruction and belief systems in the United States.

Riled Up Over Changed Grades

Kean U. admits that some students were inappropriately allowed to avoid a professor's F's, but institution won't restore the grades.


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