Critiquing, Defending Academic BS

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Composition scholars consider whether their language and tone alienate the public -- or raise tough issues.

Unread Monographs, Uninspired Undergrads

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Increased scholarly output and student disengagement are linked, according to a new white paper that calls for relieving the "research mandate" in the humanities.

Figuring Out Freshmen

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New report suggests community colleges need to engage and motivate incoming students more within their first few weeks.

Promoting Early College

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Educators argue that challenging underrepresented and remedial students to earn at least two years' worth of college credit and a high school diploma at the same time can improve their outcomes.

Embedding English in Job Training

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Innovative program at New Mexico community college pairs technical composition and career education courses, boosting completion rates for both.

Competing Completion Initiatives

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Educators lobby Congress to approve President’s $2.5 billion College Access and Completion Fund, as they compare and contrast varying state efforts that would benefit from federal dollars.

Blackboard Buys Angel

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Purchase of rival that was making inroads in course management systems shakes up the market. Can the industry leader learn from the up-and-comer?

The Evidence on Online Education

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It is superior in student learning to face-to-face instruction, says new meta-analysis from Education Department. And "blended" education does better still.

Getting Out of Grading

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Duke's Cathy Davidson, calling the current process "meaningless" and "superficial," decides to turn evaluations over to her students.

Taking Notes Beyond the Classroom

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Influx of note sharing Web sites that allow students to upload and download class notes has raised questions, but also helped to increase access to higher education.


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