Far From Standard

Smart Title: 
New guidelines for teaching writing seek to build "habits of mind" instead of touting specific methods.

Words From Wartime

Smart Title: 
For veterans in college, “writing what you know” is not so simple.

Skimming the Surface

Smart Title: 
Study of freshman research papers suggests students don't really understand the sources they cite.

Faculty No Longer

Smart Title: 
Librarians at a Texas community college district chafe as new hires are deemed professional staff instead of faculty.

Long Reads

Smart Title: 
To get students more engaged in texts, some professors hold marathon sessions where students read the books out loud.

Let Them Surf

Smart Title: 
Danish university adopts unusual approach to tackle cheating: giving students full Internet access during exams.

Red Grader, Blue Grader

Smart Title: 
Study finds that Republican professors are more likely to give very high grades and very low grades -- and to give lower grades to black students -- than their Democratic counterparts.

The (Revised) Case Study

Smart Title: 
When Cal State Bakersfield put developmental math online and minimized the role of faculty, the program bombed. Changes have restored performance, but not faculty jobs.

Teaching Them How to Think

Smart Title: 
Assessment need not be a dirty word, an RPI prof tells faculty colleagues; when embraced, it can drive better teaching.

Eye of the Beholder

Smart Title: 
Study finds reason some students perceive political bias from professors may have to do with students' identities, not what goes on in class.


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