Students Prefer Intensive Courses

Study compares their views on the same courses, taught with regular semester schedule and longer sessions over shorter time period. Students prefer latter.

If You Text in Class, This Prof Will Leave

Syracuse professor takes a firm stance against what he views as disrespect. But his identification of students' ethnicity has some accusing him of rudeness.

The Foundations of General Education

A college's new curriculum is designed for the much-changed student population it now serves -- largely low-income, minority "urban learners" (for lack, but not of trying, of a better term).

Scars in the Classroom

A new book focuses on students who cut themselves -- and write about it for English class.

A Rare Performance Review Do-Over

What happens when a professor understands her hiring to be a joint appointment but her contract reflects otherwise?

Reflections on a Papal Visit

Pope Benedict stressed the complexities of Catholic college identity. At Loyola College in Maryland, educators and students think about his words and travels.

On Texts, Tech and Teens

Students in high school distinguish between "real" writing -- which they view as important to success -- and online communication, study from the College Board and Pew finds.

Making Wikis Work for Scholars

For all the complaints about students who copy incorrect information, some scholars are getting good use out of the popular site.

Validation for RateMyProfessors.com?

Study finds high correlation between reviews on the Web site professors love to hate and in formal evaluation system used by 275 colleges.

More Than Shock Value

Yale controversy reflects tensions faced by art professors in encouraging risk-taking while also offering guidance and (sometimes) caution.


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