Study suggests research plays bigger role in faculty evaluations, student evaluations could matter less

Research is playing a bigger role in faculty evaluations, while collegiality is declining in importance, study suggests. Student evaluations remain important in assessing faculty, but could be given less weight going forward.

STEM students fare better when professors don't just lecture, study finds

Students in science and math fields learn more and fail courses less when their instructors use methods other than lecturing, a massive study finds.

Economics department to proctor exams as adherence to honor code wanes

As students' adherence to the Middlebury honor code wanes, the entire economics department will start proctoring exams to catch cheaters.

Academic rigor lacking but not dead, study says

The state of academic rigor and student engagement in the classroom isn't in a total state of decay, but there is plenty to be desired, study suggests.

Researcher casts doubt on plagiarism detection software Turnitin's efficacy claims

Did the plagiarism detection software Turnitin cut "unoriginal writing" by almost 40 percent? Not so fast, one researcher says.

Study examines impact of major vs. impact of college prestige on women's earnings

For women, and especially disadvantaged women, what they study may be more important than where they study -- if they aspire to close the pay gap with men.

McGill professor manages to turn down student request and gain popularity

McGill professor -- petitioned by students to extend a paper deadline -- makes them laugh while turning them down.

Lecturer's email about not calling off classes provokes discussion

Email from Berkeley lecturer to his students draws praise for his comments on the value of education -- and some criticism for his refusal to honor a picket line.

Researchers cast doubt about early warning systems' effect on retention

In two separate analyses, researchers cast doubt about claims made by Purdue on the impact of its early-warning system on retention.

Despite new studies, flipping the classroom still enjoys widespread support

Despite a seemingly critical new study, the debate about flipping the classroom still tends to favor those in support.


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