'The Heart of Higher Education'

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While many college faculty members and administrators are focused on budget cuts or research agendas, Parker J. Palmer and Arthur Zajonc have issued a call to return to what they think matters the most: teaching, and teaching in an "integrative" way that moves past individual disciplines. Their appeal comes in a new book, The Heart of Higher Education: A Call to Renewal (Jossey-Bass).

Laptop and Battery (Arrest)

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Valdosta State University police charge a professor after he shut a student's computer during class.

Far From Standard

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New guidelines for teaching writing seek to build "habits of mind" instead of touting specific methods.

Words From Wartime

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For veterans in college, “writing what you know” is not so simple.

Skimming the Surface

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Study of freshman research papers suggests students don't really understand the sources they cite.

Faculty No Longer

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Librarians at a Texas community college district chafe as new hires are deemed professional staff instead of faculty.

Long Reads

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To get students more engaged in texts, some professors hold marathon sessions where students read the books out loud.

Let Them Surf

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Danish university adopts unusual approach to tackle cheating: giving students full Internet access during exams.

Red Grader, Blue Grader

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Study finds that Republican professors are more likely to give very high grades and very low grades -- and to give lower grades to black students -- than their Democratic counterparts.

The (Revised) Case Study

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When Cal State Bakersfield put developmental math online and minimized the role of faculty, the program bombed. Changes have restored performance, but not faculty jobs.


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