False Positives on Plagiarism

Texas Tech writing experts compare services designed to catch cheaters -- and find problems with the results. Attendees at composition meeting also discuss Turnitin's payments to some presenting papers about Turnitin.

Critiquing, Defending Academic BS

Composition scholars consider whether their language and tone alienate the public -- or raise tough issues.

Unread Monographs, Uninspired Undergrads

Increased scholarly output and student disengagement are linked, according to a new white paper that calls for relieving the "research mandate" in the humanities.

Figuring Out Freshmen

New report suggests community colleges need to engage and motivate incoming students more within their first few weeks.

Promoting Early College

Educators argue that challenging underrepresented and remedial students to earn at least two years' worth of college credit and a high school diploma at the same time can improve their outcomes.

Embedding English in Job Training

Innovative program at New Mexico community college pairs technical composition and career education courses, boosting completion rates for both.

Competing Completion Initiatives

Educators lobby Congress to approve President’s $2.5 billion College Access and Completion Fund, as they compare and contrast varying state efforts that would benefit from federal dollars.

Blackboard Buys Angel

Purchase of rival that was making inroads in course management systems shakes up the market. Can the industry leader learn from the up-and-comer?

The Evidence on Online Education

It is superior in student learning to face-to-face instruction, says new meta-analysis from Education Department. And "blended" education does better still.

Getting Out of Grading

Duke's Cathy Davidson, calling the current process "meaningless" and "superficial," decides to turn evaluations over to her students.


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