English literature and composition

University of Michigan prepares to test automated text-analysis tool

University of Michigan adds an automated text-analysis tool to a growing program intended to give more students a chance to learn through writing.

Books on race, social justice issues dominate selections for summer reading for freshmen

Books on social and racial issues get spotlight among freshman reading assignments. This year, one showing up on campus lists focuses on low-income and rural white people, J. D. Vance’s 2016 sociopolitical breakout, Hillbilly Elegy.

Anti-Turnitin manifesto calls for resistance to some technology in digital age

Essay argues the age of big data is the time for professors to reconsider their reliance on the anti-plagiarism business.

Amid enrollment declines, speakers consider the shape of the English major

Amid enrollment declines, speakers at Modern Language Association discuss shifts in the major, such as a de-emphasis of traditional survey and the addition of more writing-related courses.

Two scholars engage in debate on Twitter and elsewhere over 'King Lear'

Scholar vents "bitterly sarcastic" 500-tweet attack on another scholar's book on King Lear.

Turnitin, expanding beyond plagiarism detection, launches Revision Assistant

Turnitin, seeking to expand beyond plagiarism detection, launches a tool to help students improve their writing as they write. Many writing instructors continue to be skeptical of the company's products.


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