Graduation rates

Grants from Gates, on College Completion

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announces first awards of new initiative emphasizing access and outcomes for low-income students, focusing on increasing scale of proven practices.

A Dent in the Data

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Errors in international statistics used to show decline in U.S. higher education raise questions about overdependence on them.

As Talk About Retention Rises, Rates Drop

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ACT data show decline in proportion of freshman students who return to their institutions as sophomores. Are they leaving college, or just changing colleges?

Building Capacity, Slowly

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New federal data show small increase in number of Americans enrolled in college in 2007 -- with fastest growth in for-profit sector.

Accelerating the Associate Degree

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Selective community college program in New York City aims to graduate students as soon as possible, and is showing signs of success.

Alternative Measure of Success

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Many say U.S. graduation rate formula is hopelessly flawed. U. of Alaska at Anchorage creates its own method -- and invites others to follow.

Similar Selectivity, Dissimilar Graduates

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Institutions that admit students of similar caliber do not graduate them in comparable numbers, new report finds.

Getting to the Finish Line

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Gates Foundation's new round of grants ($6.4 million) aims to escalate attention paid to colleges' success in ensuring students' success.

Reaching Black Men

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Philander Smith -- without much money -- finds ways to raise graduation and retention rates.

Cut Student Services? Think Again

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Study finds link between investing in student services and higher graduation and persistence rates.


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