Graduation rates

Similar Selectivity, Dissimilar Graduates

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Institutions that admit students of similar caliber do not graduate them in comparable numbers, new report finds.

Getting to the Finish Line

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Gates Foundation's new round of grants ($6.4 million) aims to escalate attention paid to colleges' success in ensuring students' success.

Reaching Black Men

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Philander Smith -- without much money -- finds ways to raise graduation and retention rates.

Cut Student Services? Think Again

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Study finds link between investing in student services and higher graduation and persistence rates.

Early Pomp and Circumstance

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Saying tradition matters, a growing number of institutions are introducing convocation ceremonies, or dusting off existing ones, as part of strategies to improve retention.

Making a Pact

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Mercy College of New York begins a program to give each undergraduate a single mentor to provide personal attention from admission all the way through graduation.

Steep Hill to Climb

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Lacking major push for college access like that envisioned by White House and others, enrollments would grow by only 13 percent through 2018, far short of President Obama's goal, U.S. study finds.

Community College Accountability

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Years after assessment initiatives won favor at many four-year institutions, Gates and Lumina foundations fund effort to create universal system for two-year institutions to monitor and improve student success.

Catching Up to Canada

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Why does the U.S.'s northern neighbor look so much better in global rankings of college completion, and how might the gap be closed?

Rates on the Rise

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NCAA study finds continued progress in athletes' graduation success.


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