Graduation rates

Unintended Consequences of State Merit-Based Aid

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Study finds that Florida’s Bright Futures program impedes enrollments in scientific fields. In another study, Penn State, dissatisfied with 84 percent graduation rate, examines why low-income students finish (or don’t).

Is Retention Improvement Within Colleges' Reach?

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Low graduation rates. High transfer rates. Students who never graduate. Gaps -- sometimes embarrassingly large -- between minority and white students’ retention rates. Are retention problems just too difficult to solve?

Different Measures of Community College Outcomes

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Six states test new set of performance measures in response to the limitations of the federal graduation rate formula.

Trying to Put the 'Dumb Jock Myth' to Rest

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Myles Brand, president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, wants to cease the propagation of “the so-called 'dumb jock’ myth,” as he puts it.

Colleges as 'Failure Factories'

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The reality that only about 7 in 10 students earn degrees after four years in high school has been widely deplored, and it helped drive the Bush administration and Congress to embrace the No Child Left Behind law earlier this decade. But if that situation is seen as such a crisis, why aren't more people upset about the fact that graduation rates in higher education are quite a bit worse?

Gates Foundation to Spend Big on Community Colleges

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A new plan -- involving hundreds of millions of dollars -- will focus on completion rates and performance-based incentives.

Grants from Gates, on College Completion

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announces first awards of new initiative emphasizing access and outcomes for low-income students, focusing on increasing scale of proven practices.

A Dent in the Data

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Errors in international statistics used to show decline in U.S. higher education raise questions about overdependence on them.

As Talk About Retention Rises, Rates Drop

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ACT data show decline in proportion of freshman students who return to their institutions as sophomores. Are they leaving college, or just changing colleges?

Building Capacity, Slowly

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New federal data show small increase in number of Americans enrolled in college in 2007 -- with fastest growth in for-profit sector.


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