Graduation rates

'Out of Step'

A symposium on student success kicked off Wednesday with a sobering message from the keynote speaker: “It’s clear that students in our universities are making progress, but only modest progress, ” said Derek C. Bok, interim president at Harvard University and the author of six books on higher education.

“Our current practices are out of step with our values as faculty members,” Bok said. “We want to provide the best undergraduate educational experience possible and that is not what is happening.”

Graduation Rate Grumbling

Unveiling data showing that athletes are getting more degrees, NCAA chief takes college sports' critics to task for ignoring the facts.

The NCAA Responds

In letter to Congress, association argues that big-time college sports should keep tax-exempt status.

Access and Success -- Is it Either/Or?

Researchers say California policies on community colleges, with focus on access, have inadvertently built barriers to degree completion.

Another Way on Unit Records

Amid objections to a federal system of student-level academic data, a "national" system is emerging, report finds.

The All-Academic NCAA Bracket

Inside Higher Ed's 2nd annual look at how colleges would fare in the NCAA tournament if graduation rates ruled.

Community Colleges and Graduation Rates

Complaints about federal measures are valid, study finds, but dealing with issues raised by the complaints has little relative impact.

Sister Mentors

Minority women pursuing their Ph.D.'s mentor one another and young girls to keep the pipeline open at all levels.

Great(er) Expectations

New report shows increases in number of states aligning high school and college curriculums and raising standards.

NCAA's Evolving Academic Picture

The evidence is mounting. In year three of the National Collegiate Athletic Association's new system for measuring and reporting athletes' and teams' academic performance, through what it calls the Academic Progress Rate, the association is getting a good sense of which teams are safe from penalties and which are digging themselves into trouble.


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