Graduation rates

Great(er) Expectations

New report shows increases in number of states aligning high school and college curriculums and raising standards.

NCAA's Evolving Academic Picture

The evidence is mounting. In year three of the National Collegiate Athletic Association's new system for measuring and reporting athletes' and teams' academic performance, through what it calls the Academic Progress Rate, the association is getting a good sense of which teams are safe from penalties and which are digging themselves into trouble.

Challenging the Measures of Success

Could Cal State-Long Beach be educating students better than Princeton? It depends on what you think of graduation rates.

2 Kinds of Part-Time Students

New analysis suggests that a significant subset of them are quite similar to full-time students.

The Benefits of Dual Enrollment

Study finds that positive impact of taking college courses in high school extends to a variety of students, including those pursuing technical education.

Teaching Professors to Be More Effective Teachers

Ball State U. evaluates a faculty initiative aimed at improving teaching strategies in first-year courses and bringing retention up.

Targeting Time Toward Degree

CUNY aims to get community college students to graduate in three years or less -- well under the national average.

Football Bowl Games: View From the Sidelines

Who needs point spreads and passing statistics? The key information at this time of year: financial payouts for the teams and the graduation rates of the players.

Employment and the Undergraduate Degree

Education Department study shows college grads with "career oriented" majors more likely to be settled in the work force than their counterparts are.

Finding the 'Perfect 60' for Transfer

The “perfect 60” is that elusive combination of community college credits that would, without exception, transfer, counting toward general education and major requirements alike at a California State University campus.


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