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Some liberal arts colleges in the Midwest had a challenging admissions cycle

For some institutions that would typically have their classes set by now, application numbers were disappointing and deposits have lagged. "June 1 may be the new May 1."

Experts offer range of views on plan to kill high school transcripts and reform college admissions

Some praise plan offered by more than 100 elite private schools to kill high school transcripts and reform college admissions. Others are dubious.

Book offers data on impact of grades, test scores and other factors on admission to competitive colleges

New book shows the impact of grades, test scores, race and gender on admission to competitive colleges.

A round-up of other admissions news of the last week

Critique of b-school rankings; year two of Maine's efforts to draw out-of-state students; promoting transfer; rising discount rates; and the latest coffee-college partnership.

Essay on what colleges mean and should mean when they talk about leadership

Are admissions offices obsessed with leadership skills among applicants? Should they be? Jim Jump considers the issues.

University of Maine sees slower growth in second year of Flagship Match program

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University of Maine sleds uphill by trying to draw students from faraway California and Illinois with program matching in-state flagship rates of other states, but sees yet more gains from New England.

How Marquette is becoming more diverse

To attract Latino students, university links to a network of Catholic high schools, builds transfer relationships with community colleges, and adds Spanish-speaking staffers.

Experts consider how admissions marketing can differentiate without going too far

Experts consider how colleges can differentiate themselves from their competitors -- without trash-talking.

Colleges see success in attracting more low-income students by dropping application fees

Bowdoin, CUNY and Trinity of Connecticut all see gains from key shift for this admissions cycle.

Nazareth College, which might have been hurt by free tuition in New York State, has strong admissions year

Free tuition in New York State was supposed to make it impossible for places like Nazareth College to build a class. Yet the private college's yield is up and it will enroll a larger class this fall, without increasing the discount rate.


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