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New study renews questions about how academics vote in rankings

Study raises questions about what those responding do or don’t know about institutions they are evaluating.

A roundup of admissions news in the last week

Colleges and economic mobility; free community college; Common App problems just before early deadlines; validity study on GRE in law school admissions.

E.U. data-protection law looms

American universities and colleges warned to heed European data-protection rules -- or face millions of dollars in fines.

Essay on political claims made about DACA students

Don’t listen to the politicians. DACA students are not taking spots that would go to others, writes Jim Jump.

Author discusses her new book on transitions for first-generation students at elite college

Author discusses her new book on transitions in admissions -- and beyond.

How Occidental changed its aid formula to attract middle-class Californians

One college charts a path to recruiting students from families whose home equity makes them technically wealthy, but whose bank accounts suggest otherwise.

Essay challenges the idea of "dream" colleges

Nicholas Soodik writes that myths about one perfect place hurt high school students thinking about their futures.

Survey draws attention to white perceptions of affirmative action

New results -- showing majority of white people believe they face discrimination -- surprise many. But attitudes, especially about college admission, don't always reflect the bias and disadvantages experienced by nonwhites or actual enrollment trends.

A roundup of admissions news in the last week

Tuition and aid report; criticism of non-need-based aid at public universities; teachers' attitudes, race and college success.


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