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Data provide insights into advantages and qualifications of legacy applicants

New data show -- across national sample -- they are admitted at much higher rates than other applicants. But the vast majority also fit or exceed the academic profile of colleges to which they are admitted.

Essay on new challenges to affirmative action and allegations of bias against Asian applicants

Jim Jump writes that the real issue may be the rapid increase in the number of applicants, not overt discrimination.

Essay on revising admissions policies to align with mission

Meredith Twombly describes how Hampshire College rejected conventional wisdom and reshaped its policies.

A roundup of news on admissions issues in the last week

Critique of elite colleges; welcoming international students; three more colleges drop SAT/ACT requirements; more students are borrowing more than $20,000.

Survey sheds light on how cost, earnings information influences decisions over higher ed


New survey shows a partisan divide over higher ed aspirations for children -- that narrows when Republicans and Democrats are given more information. And study finds skepticism of affirmative action.


Date Announced: 
Mon, 08/14/2017

New ranking challenges reports on 'worst colleges for Jewish students'

A new ranking challenges the way some institutions have been described as hostile or unwelcoming.

Experts consider implications of more law schools accepting the GRE in admissions

Legal education experts consider fallout from increased interest among law schools in using a test other than the LSAT.

A roundup of news on admissions issues in the last week

A call for competitive colleges to change approach to admissions; a $147,000 one-year master's degree; eliminating undergraduate programs; community college grads and bachelor's attainment.

Irvine isn't the only university expecting hundreds of extra freshmen

University of South Carolina is expecting up to 700 more freshmen than projected. The institution has been scrambling this summer to welcome them all, and no acceptances have been revoked.


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