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A roundup of this week's news on admissions

"Demonstrated interest" as another advantage for the wealthy; education for "good jobs," parental help on applications; more.

Article renews discussion about lottery approach to elite college admissions

Professor’s article revives discussions on fairness and privilege.

Book on the upper middle class raises criticism of college admissions

New book suggests that the upper middle class is stealing opportunity -- including in higher education -- from everyone else.

University of California shifts draw attention to question of who benefits from letters of recommendation

Experiment at Berkeley and new policy for University of California system provide information on common practice in competitive college admissions.

Essay on issues related to economics and ethics in admissions

Jim Jump considers the conflicts between doing the right thing, doing the right thing to help the bottom line and doing what you can afford.

A roundup of news on admissions issues in the last week

The GOP budget plan, more test-optional colleges, disappearing colleges, aid deadlines.

Study questions whether most prospective college students care about salary data

Study finds minimal interest from high school students presented with the data.

Colleges are now using discounting to attract some international students

Some discounting is now needed both to keep numbers and quality high, say admissions experts.


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