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Discount rates rise yet again at private colleges and universities

Private colleges and universities are trying new strategies after discount rates rose to unseen levels yet again.

New book, based on interviews with law deans and admissions officers, details impact of rankings

Two sociologists interviewed law deans and admissions officers about impact of U.S. News rankings on legal education -- and their new book says impact is significant and generally negative.

State audit accuses U of California of putting in-state residents at a disadvantage


State auditor says system campuses cut admissions standards in ways that shifted slots to out-of-staters. University fires back with analysis that says budget cuts forced its hand.

U of Maryland University College's 'extended transcript' a new type of student record

New transcripts and technologies take shape as colleges participating in the Comprehensive Student Record Project test new ways to track what students do in college.

New research suggests that SAT under- or overpredicts first-year grades for hundreds of thousands

New study suggests the SAT may over- or underpredict first-year college grades of hundreds of thousands of students.

High-achieving, low-income students remain rare at the most selective colleges


The most selective colleges are failing to enroll more low-income students, so the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is calling for a "poverty preference" in college admissions.

New book reveals how elite Ph.D. admissions committees review candidates

What goes on behind closed doors when professors decide who should get chance to earn a Ph.D.? Author of new book was allowed to watch. She saw elitism, a heavy focus on the GRE and some troubling conversations.

Supreme Court justices question lawyers on key affirmative action case

At Supreme Court hearing on case that could alter college admissions, no big surprises but lots of contentious exchanges -- and anger over Scalia's comments.


Study shows rise in graduation rates doesn't always benefit minorities


Education Trust study finds as institutions' completion rates rise generally, minority students sometimes fall farther behind.

Study finds drop in percentage of low-income students enrolling in college


Study finds notable drop in proportion of recent high school graduates from bottom 20 percent of family incomes who are enrolling in college.


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