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Thu, 02/02/2012

Study finds that East Asian Americans gain the most from SAT courses

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Students whose families came to the U.S. from China, Japan or Korea are more likely than others to take SAT courses -- and to benefit from them with higher scores, study finds.

Admissions officers on front lines of law school crisis

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In light of criticism about job placement and student debt in legal education, admissions officers discuss transparency in law school admissions.

A transformation at Johnson C. Smith University

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Johnson C. Smith is in transition, focusing efforts in increasing rigor and evaluating the curriculum.

Obama administration issues affirmative action guidance for colleges

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Obama administration, reversing recommendations of Bush Education Department, offers colleges support for considering race and ethnicity in admissions.

Committee on Measures of Student Success issues final report

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Federal panel wants to include transfers in community college rates -- an idea institutions are applauding.

Delta Project on college costs will close after 5 years

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National center on college costs to close after five years, with its work taken up by U.S. Education Department and a research organization.


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