Complex Measures of Success

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Voluntary accountability system for community colleges releases first draft set of standards for small group of two-year institutions to test.

What Degrees Should Mean

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Lumina releases draft "profile" of what students at various levels should know and be able to do, regardless of discipline; accreditors and private colleges to test it.

Policy Making by Post-It Notes

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As U.S. panel studying accreditation begins to set agenda, it is urged to focus on "prodding" over "fixing."

Unusual Gathering of For-Profit Colleges

Smart Title: 
Leaders of dozens of regionally accredited career colleges meet -- not to plot strategy, but to talk about educating students.

Dream On

Smart Title: 
Critical evaluation of influential community college student completion initiative suggests that understanding barriers to success is not enough to solve them.

Is Completion the Right Goal?

Smart Title: 
Policy experts debate the merits of current goal-driven higher education policy; some argue colleges should focus on attainment over completion and numbers instead of rates.

Assessing the Sublime

Smart Title: 
Editors discuss new collection on measuring learning in disciplines with knowledge that is not easy to measure.

Reconciling with Rankings

Smart Title: 
In wake of much-criticized ratings of doctoral programs, National Research Council convenes college officials to discuss how to move ahead.

The Faculty Take on Student Learning

Smart Title: 
AFT urges professors to join "student success" discussions locally and nationally -- while trying to reframe debate.

Retrieving the Dream

Smart Title: 
Stung by highly critical report, leaders of community college reform initiative start series of efforts aimed at responding to the criticisms.


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