So, Students Don't Learn -- Now What?

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WASHINGTON -- In the company of higher education experts and policymakers, the authors of a damning new book about higher education asserting that many college students graduate without actually learning anything acknowledged Tuesday that the tool used to reach that conclusion isn't perfect. But they all agreed that it doesn't make the findings any less "sobering."

Complex Measures of Success

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Voluntary accountability system for community colleges releases first draft set of standards for small group of two-year institutions to test.

What Degrees Should Mean

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Lumina releases draft "profile" of what students at various levels should know and be able to do, regardless of discipline; accreditors and private colleges to test it.

Policy Making by Post-It Notes

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As U.S. panel studying accreditation begins to set agenda, it is urged to focus on "prodding" over "fixing."

Unusual Gathering of For-Profit Colleges

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Leaders of dozens of regionally accredited career colleges meet -- not to plot strategy, but to talk about educating students.

Dream On

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Critical evaluation of influential community college student completion initiative suggests that understanding barriers to success is not enough to solve them.

Is Completion the Right Goal?

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Policy experts debate the merits of current goal-driven higher education policy; some argue colleges should focus on attainment over completion and numbers instead of rates.

Assessing the Sublime

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Editors discuss new collection on measuring learning in disciplines with knowledge that is not easy to measure.

Reconciling with Rankings

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In wake of much-criticized ratings of doctoral programs, National Research Council convenes college officials to discuss how to move ahead.

The Faculty Take on Student Learning

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AFT urges professors to join "student success" discussions locally and nationally -- while trying to reframe debate.


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