Assessing the Sublime

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Editors discuss new collection on measuring learning in disciplines with knowledge that is not easy to measure.

Reconciling with Rankings

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In wake of much-criticized ratings of doctoral programs, National Research Council convenes college officials to discuss how to move ahead.

The Faculty Take on Student Learning

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AFT urges professors to join "student success" discussions locally and nationally -- while trying to reframe debate.

Retrieving the Dream

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Stung by highly critical report, leaders of community college reform initiative start series of efforts aimed at responding to the criticisms.

Far From Standard

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New guidelines for teaching writing seek to build "habits of mind" instead of touting specific methods.

NSSE's Validity Questioned

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Ask many a college president about assessment of student learning at his or her institution, and the first thing you hear is “Nessie,” as the acronym of the National Survey of Student Engagement is pronounced. The increasingly popular survey is offered to students at hundreds of colleges -- asking students questions about their in-class and out-of-class experiences, interactions with faculty and peers, and much more. The theory behind NSSE is that such measures of engagement are crucial to student success.

Margaret Spellings, Where Are You?

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Meeting of North Central accreditor shows how much colleges are doing to measure student learning. But will all the assessment satisfy federal calls for accountability?

What's 'Good Enough'?

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Four years ago, as a member of a panel convened by then-Education Secretary Margaret Spellings to negotiate new federal regulations on accreditation, Ralph A. Wolff was among several accreditors forced to respond to criticism that they must do more than simply require the colleges they accredit to measure whether their students are learning, as they had been doing for years.

Wrong Kind of Accountability?

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Texas faculty members chafe at regents’ "overly simplistic" tools to measure them.

Promoting 'Consumer Friendly' Transfer

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WASHINGTON — To make it easier for students to earn and transfer college credits across institutions, policy makers and educators should work together by supporting broader articulation agreements and adopting more prior learning assessments, several experts argued at a Center for American Progress event Thursday.


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