Crossing a Line

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Arizona lecturer quits as university is pressured to fire her over comments she posted on a conservative blogger's site.

Drop in Sociology Jobs

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Announcements of openings are down 23 percent over last two years, although searches that don't designate a rank are up.

Abandoned in the Field

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To scholars of rural communities, the elimination of a department at Washington State U. raises questions about sociology, land grant universities, and priorities.

No Charges, No End in E-Mail Fight

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UC Santa Barbara ends investigation into professor over his message to students comparing Israelis and Nazis. Debate over academic freedom continues.

Sociology Turns Up Assessment

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More and more departments in the discipline are using external exams to measure student learning, a new report says.

Fending Off Attacks on Social Science

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House rejects attempts to bar NSF grants whose titles were mocked by Republican lawmakers.

Jobs Filled and Unfilled

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Sociology association finds that despite publicity on canceled searches, most were completed. Odds were better at bachelor's institutions than research universities.

The Parent Gap

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Beliefs of mothers and fathers of low-income eighth graders -- about paying for college, etc. -- hinder later college enrollments, study finds.

The Missing Master's Students

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SAN FRANCISCO -- While much of the attention in graduate education focuses on doctoral programs, there are many more students in master's programs. At a time when more credentials are required for more and more jobs, and jobs are in short supply, more people are looking at enrolling.

Waiting for the Call

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Sociologists confront “economist envy” and consider their relative lack of influence in Washington.


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