Using Foucault to Deconstruct Rankings

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Law school officials reveal to sociologists how U.S. News influences their decision making -- not necessarily for the better.

The Tenure-Track (Busy) Sociologist

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A discipline finds that -- unlike much of higher education -- it is not increasing its reliance on adjuncts, but is seeing the permanent faculty's teaching load go up.

The Impact of Dropping the SAT

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New research finds that end of test requirement leads to more diversity of race, ethnicity and socioeconomic diversity. Impact would grow if more colleges didn't just make test optional, but ignored scores entirely.

Crossing a Line

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Arizona lecturer quits as university is pressured to fire her over comments she posted on a conservative blogger's site.

Drop in Sociology Jobs

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Announcements of openings are down 23 percent over last two years, although searches that don't designate a rank are up.

Abandoned in the Field

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To scholars of rural communities, the elimination of a department at Washington State U. raises questions about sociology, land grant universities, and priorities.

No Charges, No End in E-Mail Fight

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UC Santa Barbara ends investigation into professor over his message to students comparing Israelis and Nazis. Debate over academic freedom continues.

Sociology Turns Up Assessment

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More and more departments in the discipline are using external exams to measure student learning, a new report says.

Fending Off Attacks on Social Science

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House rejects attempts to bar NSF grants whose titles were mocked by Republican lawmakers.

Jobs Filled and Unfilled

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Sociology association finds that despite publicity on canceled searches, most were completed. Odds were better at bachelor's institutions than research universities.


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