The Neo-Nazi Who Wasn't

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The strange story of Jacques Pluss just got stranger.

The King and Yale University Press

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Thai government, angry over critical biography of monarch, blocks access to publisher's Web site.

A Holocaust Denier Resurfaces

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Tenured Northwestern professor enrages many by backing claims of Iran's president.

Detectives at Office Hours

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Pomona professor and academic leaders object to way he was questioned by 2 agents -- one of whom is on anti-terror task force.

War of Words Over Paper on Israel

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Scholars' critical examination of U.S.-Israeli ties is called shoddy and bigoted; others say harsh reaction proves the study's point.

A Gift Unearths a Rift

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NYU's plan for $200 million institute on antiquity renews debate over collecting of ancient objects.

Beyond 40 Acres and a Mule

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Historians consider their role in reparations debate -- and why debate won't go away.

Spicing Up U.S. History

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Professors consider ways to improve the content and teaching of survey courses.

Not So OpenCourseWare

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Web page for Pulitzer-winning historian's course is temporarily halted at MIT amid Chinese students' complaints of cultural insensitivity.

Senatorial Peer Review

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Lawmakers tell NSF what it should and shouldn't fund -- and question some grants (without bothering to talk to the researchers involved).


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