More Criticism of 'Academic Bill of Rights'

Members of the American Historical Association voted Saturday to condemn the Academic Bill of Rights as an attack on academic freedom. The unanimous vote reflected widespread anger in the association, and among academics generally, about the Academic Bill of Rights, which has become a conservative cause in many state legislatures and on many campuses.

But the vote followed another one in which the association rejected a proposal to replace the resolution condemning the Academic Bill of Rights with one that also criticized campus speech codes.

In the Line of Historical Fire

Scholars of war and the military consider how the Iraq conflict changes their responsibilities and careers.

Anti-Gay 'Flagging' at NEH?

When most scholars have their grant applications rejected by the National Endowment for the Humanities, they shrug. Only a small minority of grants are approved, so there's no way any application can be a sure thing.

The Neo-Nazi Who Wasn't

The strange story of Jacques Pluss just got stranger.

The King and Yale University Press

Thai government, angry over critical biography of monarch, blocks access to publisher's Web site.

A Holocaust Denier Resurfaces

Tenured Northwestern professor enrages many by backing claims of Iran's president.

Detectives at Office Hours

Pomona professor and academic leaders object to way he was questioned by 2 agents -- one of whom is on anti-terror task force.

War of Words Over Paper on Israel

Scholars' critical examination of U.S.-Israeli ties is called shoddy and bigoted; others say harsh reaction proves the study's point.

A Gift Unearths a Rift

NYU's plan for $200 million institute on antiquity renews debate over collecting of ancient objects.

Beyond 40 Acres and a Mule

Historians consider their role in reparations debate -- and why debate won't go away.


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