Council of American Studies Association backs boycott of Israeli universities


Council of American Studies Association endorses plan to cut ties to Israeli universities and urges its members to vote for such a move.

Humanities doctoral programs show unexpected boost in new students

New graduate enrollments show modest increases overall, but doctoral programs in the humanities -- where the academic job market remains tough -- are showing larger gains.

Historians' association faces criticism for proposal to embargo dissertations

American Historical Association wants universities to permit blocking of online access to doctoral students' work for six years, saying such rules will protect new Ph.D.s seeking to publish. Not everyone wants to be protected.

Appeals court rejects most of the government requests for documents at Boston College

Appeals court backs Boston College on most of the interview records on Northern Ireland that the British government (backed by U.S. authorities) wanted turned over.


Study identifies patterns by gender of senior historians' careers


Female historians who are married move to full professor at a slower pace than their single colleagues, new study finds. For male historians, a spouse appears to speed up promotion.

AHA recommends publishing placement records

History association urges departments to be much more detailed than many have been about doctoral job placement. Will programs listen?

IEEE in trouble once again for allegedly minimizing work of female historians


Scholarly society for engineers and technologists is on blast once again for allegedly minimizing the work of female historians who write about bias against women in technology.

Decrease in number of openings for history faculty jobs

American Historical Association sees 12 percent decline in openings, for fifth straight year of downward trend.

History professors receive suspicious email, suspect right-wing campaign

Email, supposedly from high school student, to history professors across the country raises suspicions of a right-wing gotcha campaign against “liberal professors.”

Teaching jobs for historians are down, but data suggest opportunities outside professoriate are on the rise

Teaching jobs for historians are down, but data suggest their opportunities outside the professoriate are on the rise.


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