Mentoring 101

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Guiding undergraduate students can be personally rewarding and support good teaching, a panel of historians notes. So why is it left to chance?

Business Metaphor Still Ascendant

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Historians lament "crisis" in higher education -- and many blame a corporate-minded ethos.

Into the Fray

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Noting years of misreading of the past by those in power, historians vow wider engagement with the public.

Emory's 'Regret' for Slavery Ties

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In early February, scholars and university presidents from across the country will gather at Emory University for a conference on "Slavery and the University." For even as the United States marks the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, some of its battles continue to flare on campuses. Last year, for example, Eastern Illinois University rejected a faculty proposal to rename a dormitory that honors Stephen A.

Historians Against (Today's) Slavery

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After teaching the history of U.S. slavery for over 40 years at Macalester College, James Brewer Stewart has come to the conclusion that his profession is overlooking an important area of research: contemporary U.S. slavery.

'Judging Edward Teller'

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Hungarian-born physicist Edward Teller was among the great scientists of the 20th century, but his legacy is, at best, a checkered one. Made famous by his work on thermonuclear weapons -- Teller is known as the "father of the hydrogen bomb" -- Teller gained notoriety when he testified against his former colleague J. Robert Oppenheimer in the hearing that ultimately cost Oppenheimer his security clearance. Teller continued to embroil himself in controversy -- generally pertaining to thermonuclear weapons and other defense issues -- throughout his life.

Yanked from the Margins

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New panel is charged by bipartisan quartet of Congressmen to find 10 ways to strengthen the humanities and social sciences.

Humanities, For Sake Of Humanity

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Prominent scholars gather to argue for the importance of their fields to the future of democracy.

War Stories

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The 2011 Jefferson Lecture -- by Drew Gilpin Faust, the Civil War historian and Harvard president -- draws unexpected immediacy from the events unfolding around it.

Reframing the Debate

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Leaders of faculty groups undertake campaign to chart a new future for public higher education -- and for the students at risk of being shut out.


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