The New Lincoln-Douglas Debate

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Stephen A. Douglas, the "Little Giant" who served in the U.S. Senate and debated Abraham Lincoln, is still much-honored in some quarters.

Suit Over 'Unreliable Websites'

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The University of Minnesota was sued in federal court Tuesday over allegations that a website maintained by its Holocaust studies center defamed a Turkish-American organization in a way that raised First Amendment and due process issues. The suit came just days after the Holocaust center removed the material that is the focus of the suit -- although the university maintains that it acted as part of a routine review and not because of the threat of litigation.

Unlikely Foes

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Leading scholars charge Southern Poverty Law Center, a legendary civil rights group, with supporting "unscholarly and unethical" effort to cast doubt on the Armenian genocide.

Boost for the Humanities

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Defying trends, Mellon Foundation puts up $10 million to get the state of Wisconsin to do the same for its flagship university.

Job Freefall, Job Recovery

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Open positions in history suffer another sharp decline, while searches in economics see a strong rebound.

Mentoring 101

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Guiding undergraduate students can be personally rewarding and support good teaching, a panel of historians notes. So why is it left to chance?

Business Metaphor Still Ascendant

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Historians lament "crisis" in higher education -- and many blame a corporate-minded ethos.

Into the Fray

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Noting years of misreading of the past by those in power, historians vow wider engagement with the public.

Emory's 'Regret' for Slavery Ties

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In early February, scholars and university presidents from across the country will gather at Emory University for a conference on "Slavery and the University." For even as the United States marks the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, some of its battles continue to flare on campuses. Last year, for example, Eastern Illinois University rejected a faculty proposal to rename a dormitory that honors Stephen A.

Historians Against (Today's) Slavery

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After teaching the history of U.S. slavery for over 40 years at Macalester College, James Brewer Stewart has come to the conclusion that his profession is overlooking an important area of research: contemporary U.S. slavery.


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