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Questions linger about NYU affordability plan

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NYU’s push to help students graduate in under four years leaves questions about who it helps and how much of a difference it can make at one of the country’s most expensive universities.

Racial gap among senior administrators widens

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Recent increases in number of minority administrators don't keep up with demographic shifts, but new study finds broad pay equity.

President of Trinity Washington is outspoken in criticism of Trump administration, including alumna Kellyanne Conway

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President of Trinity Washington takes on Kellyanne Conway, Trump aide who is an alumna and a donor. To Patricia McGuire, the issue isn't politics, but truth.

Gender pay gap persists for higher education administrators

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Despite higher education's progressive reputation, new research shows a stubborn pay gap between women and men who are administrators.

Saint Joseph's in Indiana will suspend operations

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Saint Joseph’s of Indiana says it doesn’t have money to continue after this semester.

Molly Broad to retire as head of main college lobbying group

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Under its first woman president, higher education’s chief lobbying group fought Obama ratings plan and embraced “innovation” agenda.

Prominent figures in academe and higher ed groups speak out about election aftermath

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Lawrence Summers disavows term "political correctness"; Columbia president says Trump victory challenges "central idea of a university"; Jewish historians call for support for immigrants; and more.

William G. Bowen, former president of Princeton and Mellon Foundation, dies

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His presidencies and writings such as The Shape of the River had a significant impact on higher education.

Disagreements over wages and health care cause Pennsylvania faculty members to strike

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After contract talks between faculty union and Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education crumble over wages and benefits, many students woke up Wednesday morning to no classes.

Students and faculty members rally against appointing politician with anti-gay record as president of Kennesaw State

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Students and faculty members rally against appointment of a politician as next president of Kennesaw State, in part because of his anti-gay record.


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