College administration

University of Maine System considering umbrella accreditation for its 7 campuses

U of Maine System wants to end campus-by-campus accreditation. Would local needs and faculty voice be lost?

Communication an issue for college administrators and faculty during era of financial change

As colleges face financial pressure and trim budgets, faculty members are concerned about not just the proposed cuts, but how those changes are communicated.

Top administrators at Texas A&M asked to submit resignation letters to new president

Texas A&M system chancellor asks top officials at flagship campus to submit letters of resignation before a new president starts. He says he's helping the new leader, but critics aren't sure.

Some presidents face steep learning curve with athletics

When universities that are sports powerhouses appoint presidents with little experience in intercollegiate athletics, new leaders face a steep learning curve.

Anger over state board's decision not to renew U. of Mississippi chancellor

U. of Mississippi chancellor has grown enrollment, attracted better prepared students, set records in fund-raising, championed diversity, practiced shared governance and supported athletics revival. But amid disagreement on medical center, he is being forced out.


Private college in Iowa gives itself to the University of Iowa rather than be forced out of business

Instead of fighting on and trying to stay alive, a college in Iowa is giving itself to the University of Iowa.

Will Sweet Briar's closure prompt college leaders to rethink their fight to stay open?

Some fear Sweet Briar's decision to close will prompt other small private colleges to do the same, leading a number of presidents to outline how their colleges are not like Sweet Briar.

Father Hesburgh, leader at Notre Dame and in American higher education, dies at 97

Revered figure in American higher education led Notre Dame from 1952 to 1987.

Colleges with debt troubles are making new promises to investors

Colleges with distressed debt are making new promises to delay financial ramifications from investors.

President, under scrutiny from accreditor, has to return to school

San Bernardino Valley College's accreditor said the college's new president doesn't have the necessary education to be president.


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