College administration

A Presidential Search Reclaimed

Board chair at the College of Lake County was poised to quit trustee position to be named president -- but following faculty outrage, he reconsiders.

Who Should Control Antioch?

After announcing resignation, president of college calls for autonomy from university -- giving new force to governance debate.

Examining Vendor-College Ties

Business officers' group plans review of corporate involvement in its own meeting and "best practices" governing relationships between colleges and companies.

Turmoil at Another Progressive College

Supporters of New College of California say a complete change in administration could save it.

Discouraging 'Course Fishing'

Policies that allow students to try out courses and drop them by a certain deadline are a time-honored way for colleges to encourage students to sign up for classes they're not sure about or get out of ones they don't like. But the policies are sometimes manipulated by students hunting for easy A's or a sure-to-pass course in ways that can cause headaches for faculty and administrators.

A Quid Pro Quo Gone Wrong?

Ousted president of New College of California admits special treatment for student who promised a $1 million gift. Were grades bought?

Possible Next For-Profit Target

Sheldon Jackson, a financially struggling college, is latest nonprofit to consider alliances.

Administrators Indicted in Hazing Death

Charges against 2 Rider University officials seen as unprecedented. 3 students also charged.

Some Old Fusion for NYU?

New York University and Polytechnic University, in Brooklyn, are restarting talks over a possible merger -- and a potential reunion.

Navigating the Mammoth University

U. of Minnesota expands its orientation for new faculty members from 2 hours to 3 days, and gets rave reviews.


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