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New book examines developments in hiring nontraditional college presidents

New book examines which liberal arts colleges are hiring nontraditional presidents (money and prestige make it less likely) and argues that boards should be asking a different question than "traditional or nontraditional?"

Flooding continues to challenge Houston colleges and universities

At University of Houston, some students are moved to avoid rising water, and social media helps identify who needs help.

Dartmouth College weighs substantially growing undergraduate population

College considers increasing undergraduate levels by 10 percent to 25 percent -- but still identifying as a small college. Despite a $112 million 2016 operating deficit, administrators say the move wouldn’t be about bringing in more money.

At Washington and Lee, complicated debate about Robert E. Lee

Amid renewed push against Confederate monuments, Washington and Lee University says being named after the Confederacy’s top military leader reflects institutional history. Others see idolatry.

Duke president tackled weighty issue of Confederate statue after just weeks on the job

Duke’s president decided to take down Robert E. Lee statue after less than two months on the job.

University of Texas and Duke remove Lee statues and Bowdoin removes Confederate plaque


Duke removes statue of Robert E. Lee. University of Texas will remove statues of Lee and 3 other Confederate leaders. Bowdoin removes plaque honoring Confederate alumni and Jefferson Davis.

Experts: College presidents' call for students to avoid white supremacist rallies not always the best


Experts say they understand why university presidents want to keep people away from white supremacist events, but they have a tough sell on campus.

Marygrove College to end undergraduate programs after fall semester

Facing budget shortfalls and enrollment declines, Marygrove College in Detroit makes an uncommon decision.

University presidents can't always be quick to apologize, recent cases show

University presidents often seem to struggle to issue apologies in controversial cases, but some say they tend to have reason to be cautious.

Recent scandals show leaders failing to navigate acceptable behavior standards against changing mores

Whether it’s a phone call to an escort service, explosive allegations of dangerous drug binges or questions about turning a blind eye to a problematic situation, recent higher ed scandals lay bare the murky moral waters leaders must navigate.


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