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Accreditor demands answers from Mount St. Mary's on numerous standards

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Accreditor orders university to provide answers on how recent developments may place it out of compliance with one requirement and four standards.

Berkeley announces major strategic planning process to address long-term budget issues

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University announces major strategic planning initiative to address long-term budgetary concerns. Is it a canary in the coal mine or will it emerge as a model for other institutions seeking similar solutions?

University of Oregon drops multimillion-dollar branding campaign

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The University of Oregon is scaling back a multimillion-dollar branding campaign, much to the delight of faculty members.

Should the president be held responsible for scandals at the University of Louisville?

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A series of scandals in Louisville ask the question: At what point is a university president culpable?

University of Iowa leader apologizes for saying teachers without lesson plans should be shot

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Iowa's new president apologizes for "unfortunate" off-the cuff remark.

Lawmakers question public boards' openness and transparency

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Lawmakers in some states are seeking more openness and transparency from public university governing boards.

University of Missouri looks ahead as it tries to combat race issues on campus

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After week of racial turmoil and administrative disruption, U of Missouri begins long journey of working with student activists as it permanently replaces its two top leaders.

Claremont McKenna dean resigns amid protests over race

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Claremont McKenna dean of students resigns amid protests over comments on race and campus climate.

U of Missouri leaders resign amid student concerns over racism and diversity

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Amid escalating tensions, students protesting what they see as a culture of racism at the University of Missouri successfully oust the system's president and the flagship's chancellor.

Why two colleges are allowing themselves to shrink rather than 'chase volume'

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In an era where many private colleges are chasing enrollment to remain viable, two institutions are letting themselves shrink in their own efforts to avoid financial hardship.


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