College administration

Purdue faculty votes against Kaplan process

Senate passes resolution rebuking the university’s unexpected acquisition and calling for it to be rescinded.

Purdue's deal for Kaplan packs low up-front costs, long terms and boundary-pushing details

Purdue’s deal for Kaplan U trades a long-term business relationship for low up-front costs while raising worries -- especially among faculty groups -- about blurred lines between public and private higher ed.

Study examines role of search firms in finding women leaders

Female candidates tend to do better as recruitment processes progress, a study finds.

Report finds unsettled pathways to the college presidency

Fewer provosts are becoming presidents and more deans are jumping straight to the presidency, according to new report that also includes an intriguing list of universities that are presidential talent factories.

AAUP: Faculty salaries up slightly, but budgets are balanced 'on the backs' of adjuncts and out-of-state students

Compensation survey from AAUP says faculty salaries are up slightly year over year, but institutional budgets continue to be balanced “on the backs” of adjuncts and out-of-state students.

Rider University plows new ground with Westminster Choir College sale

Rider University, once seen as a savior for Westminster Choir College, looks to sell the institution after groups raised their voices against relocation.

Drew University, after spending to attract more students, faces large deficits


Ratings agency dings small university for spending big after a new president took over. As focus shifts to a budget deficit, question becomes whether Drew can cut spending while growing enrollment.

Split verdict for Graham Spanier

Former president of university found guilty of child endangerment. Leader of outside investigation questions whether institution has learned lessons from the scandal.

Questions linger about NYU affordability plan

NYU’s push to help students graduate in under four years leaves questions about who it helps and how much of a difference it can make at one of the country’s most expensive universities.

Racial gap among senior administrators widens

Recent increases in number of minority administrators don't keep up with demographic shifts, but new study finds broad pay equity.


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