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Youngstown State hires former coach Tressel as its president

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The embattled former football coach now has to fend off campus politics and lead struggling Youngstown State University as president.

Private colleges go west for students, don't find them yet

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Five private colleges go to Arizona seeking students. So far, most are disappointed. 

Community College of Philadelphia trustees hire president despite faculty concerns

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Should serving as the provost of a school that closed amid state investigations disqualify one to lead a community college?


College of Charleston's next president is politician with Confederate sympathies; faculty and students aren't happy

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A well-connected politician and Confederate hobbyist has been named College of Charleston's president. Students and faculty fear for reputation and mission of respected liberal arts institution.


Fight over layoffs at University of Southern Maine boils over

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Anger at faculty layoffs at Southern Maine boils over. Professors say administration is attacking tenure, pitting younger and older faculty members against one another, and undermining liberal arts.

Can U.S. government tell colleges in poor financial shape from those that are not?

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The U.S. Department of Education says a school for hypnotists is in better financial health than Harvard University. Could there be something wrong with the math?

After deep cuts, can Iowa Wesleyan rebound?

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Iowa Wesleyan eliminates 22 of its 52 professors and half of its academic programs. The president thinks it is now ready to grow. Can it?

Youngstown State U. president gets poached, headhunters tangle over rules of engagement

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Should presidents be job-hunting after seven months in office? Should a search firm recruit someone who would walk away at that time?

Brandeis changes compensation policies after $5 million payout to ex-president

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As Brandeis announces a jaw-dropping payout to its former president, the university also says it has changed compensation rules in ways that might prevent a future payment of that size.

At U. of Illinois, decision to keep classes going leads to racist and sexist Twitter attacks on chancellor

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When U. of Illinois chancellor didn't cancel classes, Twitter erupted in racist and sexist comments -- and discussion of those slurs.


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