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Summers Postmortem, Beyond Cambridge

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What does demise of his Harvard presidency suggest about academic leadership, faculty power and women in science?

Give Harvard Some Ideas

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We asked some observers of the higher ed scene for out-of-the-box suggestions about the next president -- and invite your thoughts too.

Happy Days Aren't Quite Here Again

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The state budget picture has been looking better lately, much to the relief of public college officials. Fewer states are pondering big budget cuts or tuition increases -- and more governors and legislators are able to sign off on salary increases, program expansions and building plans.

Don't get used to it.

Revolt at Case Western

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Professors angry over growing deficits and "pervasive secrecy" will meet today to consider a motion of no confidence.

Risky Business?

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Company's conference for senior administrators has some worried about whether vendors are buying access to academic leaders.

Case Western President Vows to Learn

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Arts and sciences professors vote "no confidence" by margin of 131 to 44.

Mysterious Departures at Andrews U.

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Faculty and staff perplexed and board mum as 3 top administrators quit on the same day.

Chicago's Next President Is Outsider-Insider

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One choice facing search committees for college presidencies is whether to go with an inside candidate (promoting a provost or vice president) or going outside to a top administrator at a comparable institution.

President Quits at Case Western

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Move follows mounting criticism from professors over deficits and management style.

High Level Harassment?

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Lawsuit says president of Truckee Meadows Community College retaliated against colleague who refused to join him in a hot tub.


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