College administration

In the Hot Seat

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Chairman of Maryland public university board is third since 1999 to face questions of ethics.

Another Way Out

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SUNY Faculty Senate process offers an alternative to the “nuclear option” in clashes between presidents and professors.

Renewing the Presidency

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Sabbaticals are common in higher education -- for professors. Should more college chief executives take them?

Committee Equities and Inequities

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New data challenge conventional wisdom (at least in part) on which groups of professors perform the most service work.

Career Prep vs. Liberal Arts

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Placement experts gather to talk about strategies for improving their efforts -- despite skepticism from some professors.

Comeback for Coke?

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U. of Michigan abandons boycott. Its officials says the company agreed to real changes, but activists say the shift is a sham.

The Confidence Business

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Faculty decry what they see as administrative hiring binge at Eastern Oregon University. 

A Costly Muhammad Cartoon

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Administrator at Belmont University is out of a job after his political artwork gets attention.

A Career Ends at Syracuse

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Charges of "egregious personal misconduct" lead a longtime faculty member to resign.

Keeping Students, Finding Money

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Survey tracks concerns of presidents of community colleges.


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