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Keeping (Tuition) Up With the Jones

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Princeton's freeze draws headlines, Grinnell plans hefty hike. Some think the college raising prices is going to help more students.

Rating the TIAA-CREF Returns

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Pension giant disputes critique of its performance, but even critics of findings say study raises key issues for colleges and employees.

Access and Success -- Is it Either/Or?

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Researchers say California policies on community colleges, with focus on access, have inadvertently built barriers to degree completion.

A Challenge to Catholic Colleges

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Vatican official urges U.S. institutions to help peers around the world deal with rapid changes in higher education.

New Presidents or Provosts: Barry U., Camden CC, Catholic U. of America, Coastal Carolina U., Florida A

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  • James H.
  • From Mayor to (College) President?

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    The man in charge of running Westfield, Mass., says he's prepared to lead an institution, but some question his credentials. 

    What Harvard's Choice Means

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    The night before Drew Gilpin Faust was formally named president of Harvard University, women involved in efforts to promote female leaders in academe happened to be gathering in Washington for workshops and networking sessions hel

    The Graying of the Presidency

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    Length of tenure and age of college leaders rise in survey. Numbers for women increase slightly, while declining for blacks.

    When Masterpieces Are Moneymakers

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    Fisk's settlement on sale of two valuable paintings reflects a trend in which institutions sell art to pay for other priorities.

    New Presidents or Provosts: Art Institute of Charleston, Assumption College, Governors State U., Nebraska Wesleyan U., Northern Michigan U., U. of New Mexico, William Carey College

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  • Marilyn Burstein, dean of education at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, has been named vice president and dean of academic affairs at the Art Institute of Charleston.
  • Francesco Cesareo, dean of the McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts at Duquesne University, in Pennsylvania, has been selected as president of Assumption College, in Massachusetts.
  • Tommy King, acting president of William Carey College, in Mississippi,
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