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New Presidents or Provosts: Delaware Valley College, DeVry-New York City Metro, Earlham College, Gustavus Adolphus College, Law School Admission Council, St. Cloud State U., Sierra Nevada College, U. of Virginia, Wayne CC

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  • Kay Hall Albertson, vice president of academic affairs and student services at Wayne Community College, in North Carolina, has been promoted to president there.
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  • President Fired After Drunk Driving Charges

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    U. of Mary Washington chief is out of office less than a year after taking the position.

    Morehouse's Choice

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    Imagine a book in which the author devotes a section to the "crisis of moral purpose" among colleges, calls for presidents to become their colleges' "chief ethical officers" and to stop focusing so much on fund raising, praises presidents of the past who devoted commencement addresses to institutional failings rather than the "pieties" and "superficial inspiration" that are heard today, and criticizes students who focus on their own advancement as opposed to giving more of themselves to their community.

    New Presidents or Provosts: Adams State College, Anna Maria College, Antioch U. Seattle, Caltech, Clackamas CC, Denison U., Teachers College, U. of New Hampshire, Wake Forest U.

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  • Bradley W. Bateman, associate dean at Grinnell College, in Iowa, has been selected as provost at Denison University, in Ohio.
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  • Adding Spirituality

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    UCLA institute that found students facing a vacuum on issues of faith now sees colleges responding.

    Southern Discomfort

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    Sexual harassment charges against university’s board chairman lead to suspensions for him and system’s president.

    Outside Help on the Way?

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    With Rutgers planning to drop six "Olympic" sports teams from varsity status, lawmakers consider stepping in.

    Tough Job, No Easy Cures

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    Medical deans are well paid, but study finds their average tenure is half that of college presidents.

    Tracking Sports Spending

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    NCAA gives Knight panel sneak preview of how athletics budget information will be collected and sorted.

    Just a Google Search Away

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    Why didn't search firm hired by Mary Washington uncover what turned up in a simple query about its soon-to-be-fired president?


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