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A Sign of Change at Gallaudet

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The world's only deaf university named a new president, and students who say their input was neglected are up in arms.

A Sobering Challenge

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Lacrosse scandal leads Duke to try to change a broader culture of campus drinking. Is that realistic?

Ethnic Tensions in Dallas

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First Latino chancellor of community college district resigns after 3 years -- amid disputes over what went wrong.

Who Investigates a President?

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If a professor, dean or student is accused of wrongdoing, colleges have procedures. But allegations against presidents raise tough issues.

Gallaudet Opposition Grows

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Faculty members -- in series of votes -- join students opposed to the board and its choice for president.

New Presidents or Provosts: Raritan Valley CC, Lehigh U., Kent State U., Drew U., Plymouth State U., Sitting Bull College

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The following colleges and universities have named new presidents or provosts:

Mandatory Retirement as Women's Issue

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Mandatory retirement was once the norm in higher education -- and most of the academics who had emeritus status forced on them were male.

Today, mandatory retirement is far from the norm and is illegal for faculty and many other positions. But a significant number of colleges, using loopholes in federal age-discrimination law that apply to executives and top decision-making officials, still have mandatory retirement for presidents and other top administrators.

Tactical Retreat

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Amid faculty criticism, West Point superintendent withdraws after UNLV regent panel picks him as choice for president.

Mea Culpa, Twice Over

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U. of California president acknowledges mistakes in handling compensation matters; regents cite need for more oversight.  

Progress and Peril for Career Education

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Company has resolved significant legal and regulatory challenges, but major problems remain, including a potential shareholder revolt.


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