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When a Student Dies

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College leaders need to consider a range of issues when responding to the tragedies that take place every year.

New Presidents or Provosts: Finlandia U., Hanover College, Johnson County CC, Menlo College, U. of Wisconsin at Eau Claire

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  • Terry A. Calaway, president of Central Arizona College, has been chosen as president of Johnson County Community College, in Kansas.
  • Sue DeWine, provost of Marietta College, in Ohio, has been selected as president of Hanover College, in Indiana.
  • Rev.
  • One Contested Sink

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    Minneapolis community college's plan to install a foot-washing basin for Muslim students is questioned.

    (Virtual) Exile in Hawaii

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    Professor sues after university restricts him from campus while it investigates complaints of his "intimidating" behavior.

    How Another University Coped

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    Nearly 20 years ago, 35 Syracuse U. students died while aboard Pan Am Flight 103. The university is still responding.

    Ohio State Dismantles International Office

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    Restructuring of university's international affairs office prompts concern from international education world.

    Loss for Whistle Blowers

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    Ruling by U.S. appeals court could undermine public college lawyers and employees who spot illegal or unethical activity.

    MIT Dean Claimed Unearned Degrees

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    Prominent admissions dean resigns after university found she had misrepresented her academic background.

    New Presidents or Provosts: Delaware Valley College, DeVry-New York City Metro, Earlham College, Gustavus Adolphus College, Law School Admission Council, St. Cloud State U., Sierra Nevada College, U. of Virginia, Wayne CC

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  • Kay Hall Albertson, vice president of academic affairs and student services at Wayne Community College, in North Carolina, has been promoted to president there.
  • Daniel O.
  • President Fired After Drunk Driving Charges

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    U. of Mary Washington chief is out of office less than a year after taking the position.


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