College administration

Moving Ahead on Admissions Reforms

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College presidents and others will advance agenda for rethinking many practices.

Suicide of a Chancellor

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Denice Denton -- a leader among women in science, under fire as head of Santa Cruz -- killed after jump from high-rise building.

A Whistle Blower's Ouster

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Philip Pergola arrived on the Massasoit Community College campus as a bright-eyed 22-year-old, eager to teach business and constitutional law. July 1 would have marked the tenured professor’s 39th year at the college.

To date, hundreds of students have taken his courses and many faculty members have formed strong relationships with the likable professor. In August 2002, Charles Wall, president of the college, asked him to become the chief financial officer of the institution, to help untangle a few financial messes. He gladly accepted, hoping to strengthen the college he loves. 

Last Chance at Rockford

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How a small college fell deeply into debt -- and why a successful academic leader came out of retirement to try to save it.

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Censorship of critique-filled Web site about Victor Valley Community College highlights tensions at the institution.

Turmoil in Tallahassee

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Florida A&M's president and trustees are under the microscope after a series of controversial decisions.

New Presidents or Provosts: Argosy U.-Sarasota, Argosy U.-Washington, Bunker Hill CC, Everett CC, Grand Valley State U., Oregon Health

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  • Charles Abasa-Nyarko, vice president of academic services at Gloucester County College, in New Jersey, has been appointed as vice president of academic affairs and chief academic officer at Bunker Hill Community College.
  • David Beyer, former president of Umpqua Community College, in Oregon, has been selected as president of Everett Community College, in Washington State.
  • Karen Gross, professor of law at New York Law
  • Differing Standards on Plagiarism

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    Professors and students want to know why it's OK for administrators to use material that's not original.

    Summer School Rules

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    Florida universities consider year-round classes; some experts see idea as wave of the future, but others caution that it's more difficult than it sounds.

    Dealing with Disaster

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    As administrators and professors at several colleges stand accused, experts offer advice on wading through legal and P.R. issues.


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