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New Presidents or Provosts: Cox College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Medical College of Northeast Pennsylvania, Purdue U., Roanoke College, Saint Peter's College, U. of Rochester

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  • Ann Liners Brett, executive dean of health sciences and public services at Moraine Park Technical College, in Wisconsin, has been selected as president at Cox College of Nursing and Health Sciences, in Missouri.
  • France A. Córdova, chancellor of the University of California at Riverside, has been named president of Purdue University.
  • Eugene J.
  • No Confidence Votes at Cal State

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    Faculty unhappy with leadership styles, priorities of presidents at Sonoma and Sacramento State.

    Leaders Under Siege at Ohio U.

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    AAUP-sponsored faculty vote the latest to show lack of confidence in the university's president and provost. Some say the criticism is unfair.

    Challenging the Measures of Success

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    Could Cal State-Long Beach be educating students better than Princeton? It depends on what you think of graduation rates.

    Privacy and Protection

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    Panel reviewing Virginia Tech massacre struggles with laws that could hamper coordinated interventions with mentally ill students.

    Antioch to Close Main College

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    Operations will be "suspended" after coming academic year; 40 faculty members will lose their jobs.

    Countercultural and Alive

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    Demise of Antioch College points to challenges facing progressive colleges -- and strategies used by some to thrive.

    Leon Botstein on the 'Tragedy' of Antioch

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    Few American college presidents may have as much insight into leading progressive colleges

    Solidarity No More?

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    An institute for labor studies finds itself facing the ax -- and its supporters are striking back.

    Sheldon Jackson Suspends Operations

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    Small Alaska college is out of cash and its 100 faculty and staff members are out of their jobs.


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