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New Presidents or Provosts: Bronx Community College, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, Nellie Mae Education Foundation, South Dakota State U., State U. of New York, U. of Chicago

  • Jim Carr, interim president of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, has become the organization's permanent president.
  • David L. Chicoine, vice president for technology and economic development at the University of Illinois, has been named president of South Dakota State University.
  • Nicholas C.
  • Faculty Challenge Loyola's Leaders

    Administrators at Loyola University of New Orleans have had the unenviable task of picking up the pieces after Hurricane Katrina, which shut down the campus last fall. The university didn't sustain as much structural damage as those institutions located on lower ground, but it has seen a 30 percent decrease in this year’s freshman class and finished the fiscal year that ended in July with a $14 million budget shortfall.  

    Paying for Performance

    More colleges’ presidential contracts include incentive compensation tied to specific accomplishments.

    The Hazards of Whistle Blowing

    Lansing Community College fires its lawyer after he accuses interim president of misspending state funds.

    Wrestling With Ghosts From the Past

    A university defends decision to hire a vice president with sexual harassment charges (and a settled lawsuit) in his background.

    Standoff Grows at Gallaudet

    Hundreds of students take over main academic building as protests over selection of new president continue. 

    Endowment Envy

    In last 2 weeks, 4 universities announced campaigns to raise at least $3 billion each. Those institutions will gain. Will higher education?

    Gallaudet Shuts Down

    With neither side budging over choice of president, students block access to campus and professors call for her to step aside.

    Arrests and Defiance at Gallaudet

    More than 130 student protesters are removed by force -- and vow to keep movement going unless president-designate quits.

    Gallaudet Faculty Joins In

    Professors urge president-elect to resign and vote “no confidence” in current president and university’s trustees.


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