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Study finds evidence of institutional favoritism in academic publishing

Study finds evidence of institutional bias in publishing, in that journals favor the work of authors who either work or studied at the universities that house the publications.

A professor shares her experience of harassment and sees support as well as backlash


A professor shares her experience of harassment and sees support as well as backlash, enabled in part by a controversial anonymous online forum for political scientists.

Political science group finds significant minority of members have experienced harassment at annual meeting


“Sizable minority” of women have experienced inappropriate treatment at annual political science event, association survey finds.

Political scientists see the discipline's historical division across four subareas as hindering their ability to understand Trump's America

Political scientists see the discipline’s historical division across four subareas as hindering their collective ability to understand Trump’s America -- and its future.

Pro-colonialism article has been withdrawn over threats to journal editor

“The Case for Colonialism” has been revoked -- not over claims of shoddy scholarship or publication irregularities but rather threats to the journal editor. Some call it a disturbing precedent that could make academics less safe.

New paper from the editorial board of @womenalsoknow explains the initiative


New paper explains effort to fight gender bias in political science, and, perhaps, in other disciplines as well.

International relations scholars meet against backdrop of Trump's presidency and travel ban


International relations scholars meet in the shadow of Trump's presidency and his temporarily halted travel ban.

Tweet by political science group angers many women in the field

They want to know why article on international nongovernmental organizations was illustrated with a photograph of a young Asian woman.

Survey examines higher education backgrounds of leaders worldwide

New global survey of those in positions of influence finds that 44 percent have a degree in social sciences. Another 11 percent studied humanities.

Popular political science blog joins 'The Washington Post'

Seeing an opportunity to promote political science research to a wider audience, "The Monkey Cage" blog joins The Washington Post.


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