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International relations scholars meet against backdrop of Trump's presidency and travel ban

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International relations scholars meet in the shadow of Trump's presidency and his temporarily halted travel ban.

Tweet by political science group angers many women in the field

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They want to know why article on international nongovernmental organizations was illustrated with a photograph of a young Asian woman.

Survey examines higher education backgrounds of leaders worldwide

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New global survey of those in positions of influence finds that 44 percent have a degree in social sciences. Another 11 percent studied humanities.

Popular political science blog joins 'The Washington Post'

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Seeing an opportunity to promote political science research to a wider audience, "The Monkey Cage" blog joins The Washington Post.

Senate vote prompts discussion among political scientists about their political strategy

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Senate vote to bar support from the NSF has many scholars wondering whether their discipline needs a new strategy. Also being debated: Was an exception to the ban a win for research or a loss on principle?

Senate votes to defund political science research, save tuition assistance in budget bill

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Senate votes to ban federal funding for most political science research and to restore tuition assistance to active-duty service members.

House passes bill to bar spending on political science research

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House-passed bill, driven by concerns about “meritless” research, would bar National Science Foundation from spending funds on political science research.



Study analyzes characteristics of political science professors who earn more than others

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Analysis of political scientists illustrates role of gender, Ph.D. pedigree, negotiations, institution type and more. Study is bad news for women who teach undergraduates.

Frequent source for comments on politics admits no formal focus group informed his insights, as he had claimed

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AP reveals political science professor who cited a focus group as key source for his many interviews and essays never had one.

Two public universities put new emphasis on public affairs schools

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Baruch College of CUNY and George Mason U put emphasis on programs they think can go where the Kennedy and Wilson Schools do not.


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