Political science

Changing Borders of Political Science

Scholars of government consider whether they are too parochial, how genetics is changing their discipline, and use of other fields to enliven teaching.

Finkelstein and DePaul Settle

Controversial professor resigns and both sides issue conciliatory statements, but many believe academic freedom issues will outlast tenure dispute.

The Graduate Education Mismatch

Political science study points out that some of what's missing in graduate education would make the new Ph.D.'s more desirable as job candidates -- especially outside research institutions.

Ghettoized Poli Sci Textbooks

When black people or topics are covered in overviews of American government and politics, they end up in the civil rights chapter, study finds.

A Pentagon Olive Branch to Academe

Defense secretary discusses plans for new university consortia and grants -- largely in social sciences -- for non-classified research, and pledges no political restrictions.

Double Dipping in Conference Papers

Political scientists consider whether it's OK to give the same presentation more than once -- and whether hiring committees should take note of the practice.

Political Scientists Stick With New Orleans, Face Boycott

Association rejects call to move 2012 meeting away from Louisiana due to its ban on gay marriage and civil unions.

The Perils of the Polling Shop

Accusations of bias put Syracuse professor in spotlight, raising questions about when it's appropriate for applied research to serve partisan ends.

In Grad Admissions, Where Is Class?

Survey of political science departments finds consideration of race and ethnicity, but not socioeconomic background.

Missing Attribution in Controversial Book

Amid criticism, Penn Press says author of much-discussed work on terror networks will in the future formally acknowledge two sources absent in current edition.


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