Political science

Satisfied Academics

Study that anticipated professors' satisfaction levels might sink to those of industry scientists gets surprising result: Academe is seen as a good place to work.

'Collision Course' for Graduate Education

What's wrong with graduate education these days? Is it what Ph.D. students are missing -- teaching skills perhaps, or the ability to branch out beyond their area of specialization? Or is that too many students take too long to finish?

Dispatches from Denver, Day 3

At the Democratic National Convention, faculty are studying the dynamics of power by focusing on protesters, karaoke performers -- oh, and the delegates, too.

Should American Politics Be Abolished (as a Field)?

Political scientists debate whether one of the discipline's traditional specializations has outlived its purpose and is hindering good research and teaching.

Politics, Equity and Meeting Boycotts

Political science association seeks compromise on -- and continues to face criticism over -- its decision to go to New Orleans, and debates how political the group should be.

'Two Cultures' Tension in Social Science

Key philanthropic and government programs offering grants for Ph.D. students appear to be excluding proposals for graduate students in sociology and political science, while favoring proposals from those in history, anthropology and a range of relatively small disciplines, such as art history and ethnomusicology, according to data released Friday.

The Gay Political Scientist

Survey finds reports of both bias and acceptance -- and differing attitudes on including topics related to sexual orientation in the classroom.

On Historic Day, Political Scientists Take the Long View

How do academics respond to a unique, precedent-shattering election? Insist it was predicted by entirely ordinary models.

First 'Minerva' Grants Awarded

The first "Minerva" grants have been announced -- and they are going to respected scholars at leading universities for a range of topics that could inform U.S. military and diplomatic thinking. The grants also don't appear likely to end controversy over the program, although the change coming next month in the White House may lessen some concerns.

Colleges Plan for Obama Inaugural

Colleges and universities will celebrate and observe the upcoming presidential inauguration -- on campus and in Washington.


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