Political science

Hiring Coup or Tainted Hire?

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Texas Tech educators and others debate university's selection of Alberto Gonzales, Bush's attorney general, to teach political science and help recruit Latino students.

Shift in Middle East Studies?

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New generation of students -- veterans and others returning from Afghanistan and Iraq -- may have different focus from many who have traditionally entered the field.

What Counts for Tenure

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Survey of political science chairs shows teaching/research gap and differences by sector in whether a candidate is likely to be denied or a department is likely to be overruled.

Israel and Academic Freedom

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When political scientist at Ben-Gurion U. endorsed boycott of his country -- in article in the U.S. -- he set off debates in both nations about professors' rights.

Poli Sci Reformation?

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Special panel considers ways that the field may be out of step with demographics. Solutions being weighed could challenge the role of research, research universities, and dominance of mathematical methodologies.

Job Market Realities

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Political scientists consider changes in criteria for hiring. Should ability to win grants count? Should more grad students be discouraged from staying in programs? Should search chairs get involved with job rumor Web sites?

Reaching Students, Setting Limits

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At political science meeting, professors share ideas about making their classrooms more engaging, and the tradeoffs involved.

'Research Confidential'

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For social scientists starting their careers, creating research models that work is crucial. A new book suggests that they may be unaware of problems they face in part because scholars don't share stories of what didn't work on their projects, and how to deal with particular challenges.

Dilemma Over Meeting in Uganda

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Political science association, already facing criticism for decision to hold a meeting in Louisiana, has summer event scheduled for country considering bill that would in some cases call for execution of gay people.

The New Poli Sci Collaboration

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As field has moved away from single-scholar publication as the norm, new questions are raised -- including, whose name goes first?


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