Political science

Study analyzes characteristics of political science professors who earn more than others

Analysis of political scientists illustrates role of gender, Ph.D. pedigree, negotiations, institution type and more. Study is bad news for women who teach undergraduates.

Frequent source for comments on politics admits no formal focus group informed his insights, as he had claimed

AP reveals political science professor who cited a focus group as key source for his many interviews and essays never had one.

Two public universities put new emphasis on public affairs schools

Baruch College of CUNY and George Mason U put emphasis on programs they think can go where the Kennedy and Wilson Schools do not.

Political scientists consider challenges of talking to undergraduates about controversial current events

Political science professors discuss obligation to explore current controversies in class. But they need to be ready for the student who asks, "Can't we just nuke them all?"

American Statistical Association seeks to usher in new era of statistical significance


The American Statistical Association seeks to embrace science's inherent complexity and push for more data transparency by rejecting a common, oversimplified measure of statistical significance.

Study identifies challenges on political science faculty job market

More ABDs are starting full job searches, and fewer of those in the expanded pool are landing faculty positions, study finds.

Political scientists seek delay of transparency standards for publications


Political scientists debate standards adopted by leading publications.

Political science association criticized for agreeing to keep babies out of exhibit hall

Annual meeting attendees with babies are turned away from exhibit hall of political science association, which blames insurance policy.

Study finds male professors are more likely than female professors to assign male authors


Study of courses for Ph.D. students in international relations finds that female professors are more likely to include female authors.

Stanford political science department overhauls undergraduate major


After seeing its majors drop, Stanford's political science department overhauls the undergraduate major, focusing less on specialization and more on issues students care about. Could other departments be next?


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