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Yale professors issue open letter on free speech

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Dozens of Yale faculty members issue open letter decrying substance and tone of recent discussions of a controversial email -- and urging civil discussions of difficult issues.

U of Kansas professor is on leave after comments on race result in 5 complaints

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Kansas professor is on leave after students complain over her use of n-word and her statements on retention. Situation is latest to raise issues of racial sensitivity and academic freedom.

Open-access advocates see opportunity in Lingua 'editorial mutiny'

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Open-access advocates see an opportunity to capitalize on the Lingua controversy, but outcomes of previous mass resignations at scholarly journals paint an unclear picture of the impact of "editorial mutinies."

Video shows Mizzou student press clash with protesters

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U of Missouri activists clash with student photographer, raising questions about protesters and free expression. And role of professor in blocking the student sets off large debate -- and she apologizes.

Anthropology association task force recommends the group take action in response to Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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Task force charged with evaluating how anthropology association should respond to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict recommends that group take action, and suggests that censure of Israeli policies is insufficient.

Saida Grundy discusses the controversy over her comments on Twitter, her career, race and sociology

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Three months after her comments on Twitter made her a target of the conservative blogosphere, she talks about that experience, race, her career and the clout (or lack thereof) of sociology.

In appeal to college supporters, political campaigns show lack of knowledge of university policy

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In their rush to recruit student volunteers, political campaigns may inadvertently ask faculty members to violate college and university policies.

Social scientists are alarmed by new legislation on NSF grants

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Researchers object to powerful lawmaker's bill that would require NSF to stipulate how each award relates to "national interest."

Debate escalates over Twitter remarks by Sara Goldrick-Rab, professor at Wisconsin-Madison

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First Republicans, and then faculty leaders, have questioned tweets of Wisconsin's Sara Goldrick-Rab, particularly in seemingly discouraging admitted students from enrolling. Her supporters call her courageous and say her defense of academic freedom has made her a target.

Army shuts down controversial Human Terrain System, criticized by many anthropologists

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U.S. Army quietly shuts down Human Terrain System, which placed anthropologists and other scholars with military units in Iraq and Afghanistan and set off huge debate over scholarly ethics.


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