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Study finds U. of Texas faculty are productive

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U. of Texas at Austin, target of criticism on how much its professors work, finds in its own study that they teach undergrads and bring in far more money than they cost.

University investigates professor who requires students to bring snacks

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Professor at Sacramento State leaves class if his students don't bring snacks they have made. He says he's illustrating important lesson, but not everyone agrees.

Colleges award tenure

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The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

McDaniel College

British academics reject idea of training new instructors on how to teach

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Little support found for idea of requiring new instructors to learn how to teach.

Student Created College Poker Site Causes Concern

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Arizona State student thinks he may have created a safe alternative to online gambling sites. Some gaming experts aren't so sure.

Q&A with editors of new book on creation of social science

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Editors discuss new book on the creation of knowledge in the social sciences.


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