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A Competition to Avoid?

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British academics find odds so long to win funding in the social sciences that some wonder why they bother trying.

Sociology in the Storms

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Social scientists who study disaster have seen their field expand dramatically in recent years, and new earthquakes and hurricanes offer new material for research.

Not Guilty ... and Not Long Employed

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Jury rejects battery charge against Valdosta professor who shut a student's laptop. He's been cleared to teach, but told this will be his last year.

Making a Perfect Match

The job application process is a little like Internet dating, writes Kevin Brown. Keep that in mind, he says, when putting together your cover letters.

Trusting the Amateurs

Job interviewers often avoid asking questions about candidates' areas of expertise out of fear of “discriminating.” What’s wrong with discrimination? asks Mikita Brottman.

An Alternative Path to Teaching

With college instructor jobs harder to come by, Kevin Brown lays out the advantages (and drawbacks) of working at independent secondary schools.

Search Committee Etiquette

Mikita Brottman offers six tips for those interviewing faculty members in this challenging year.

Why I Attend Small Conferences

For meaningful interaction with colleagues, avoid the national mega-meetings, writes Kevin Brown.

Beyond Consanguinity

A department chairman recounts the many ways that nepotism and conflicts of Interest can interfere with the faculty hiring and promotion process.

Breaking Bad Habits, Building Good Ones

Sabbaticals aren't just about writing books, writes Russ Olwell, who discusses the value he gained from his.


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