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Essay: advice on dealing with winter blahs on campuses


Stock up on kindness to confront perils of winter, Maria Shine Stewart suggests.

Essay on challenges of balancing academic duties when personal crises arise

Terri E. Givens considers how she and other academics cope when personal challenges become overwhelming.


colleges award tenure

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The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Austin College

  • Melanie Fox, economics
  • Steve Ramsey, business administration
  • Jill Schurr, psychology

Wilkes University

Women in high-income families outpace their brothers in college

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Girls of most racial groups are outpacing their brothers in attaining college degrees by almost 15 percent, a University of Michigan study shows.

Professor told to stop requiring students to bring snacks

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Sacramento State professor told he must end unusual teaching technique. He wonders why university focused on quirky policy rather than deteriorating availability of courses.

Essay on need for tenured faculty members to have mentoring

Mentoring 101

Post-tenure, faculty members still need help to be strategic about their careers, writes Kerry Ann Rockquemore.


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