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Professor told to stop requiring students to bring snacks

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Sacramento State professor told he must end unusual teaching technique. He wonders why university focused on quirky policy rather than deteriorating availability of courses.

Essay on need for tenured faculty members to have mentoring

Mentoring 101

Post-tenure, faculty members still need help to be strategic about their careers, writes Kerry Ann Rockquemore.

Report from higher education research group's annual meeting

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At annual gathering of scholars of academe, researchers discuss a potpourri of topics, including the state of for-profit colleges and the impact of no-loan policies.

Sociology association encourages members to help improve Wikipedia

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Just a few years after academics traded horror stories about the online encyclopedia, scholarly societies begin to embrace it.

Study finds many complaints about full professors in Britain

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Junior faculty in Britain see their senior colleagues offering little in the way of help, survey finds.

Study finds U. of Texas faculty are productive

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U. of Texas at Austin, target of criticism on how much its professors work, finds in its own study that they teach undergrads and bring in far more money than they cost.

University investigates professor who requires students to bring snacks

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Professor at Sacramento State leaves class if his students don't bring snacks they have made. He says he's illustrating important lesson, but not everyone agrees.


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