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Adjunct loses courses after going public about threats she received

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Instructor raised concern about separation of church and state at a public university. The day she went public with the threatening e-mails she received, her courses for the fall disappeared.

Harvard kills courses by controversial summer school instructor

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Harvard faculty decides that a controversial economist's statements about Muslims were so offensive that his normal summer school courses should be eliminated.

Anthropology association task force recommends the group take action in response to Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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Task force charged with evaluating how anthropology association should respond to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict recommends that group take action, and suggests that censure of Israeli policies is insufficient.

Reports raise concerns about efforts to suppress pro-Palestinian advocacy on campuses

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Two new reports raise concerns about attempts “to silence advocacy for Palestinian rights” on campuses.

Study explores job satisfaction of full-time, non-tenure-track instructors

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Survey suggests that adjuncts who work at one institution full time have job satisfaction levels close to those on the tenure track.

Colleges award tenure

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The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

New York Institute of Technology

  • Rosemary Gallagher, physical therapy
  • Huanying Gu, computer science
  • Kate O'Hara, instructional technology
  • Veneta Sotiropoulos, marketing studies
  • Jueman Zhang, communication arts

Quinnipiac University

Essay on finding good mentoring advice in academic careers


Kerry Ann Rockquemore writes about the importance of being specific about your needs.

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